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Gain Muscle with BFit Personal Training Seattle

The Complete Muscle-Building Program

Bfitutilizes periodization, a training breakthrough in muscle-growth technology that gives you the scientific edge in muscular development. Periodization is a progressive system of training, utilizing specific training principles for each individual phase.

In addition to step-by-step training instruction, comprehensive nutritional guidance is also provided for maximum success. With your personalized fitness program you will:

1. Experience dramatic muscle growth.
Maximize your body's ability to develop muscle by learning and applying the essential muscle building principles.
You will be guided through a series of training progressions specific to your body type and training level.

2. Breakthrough plateaus with a custom made program. Stimulate deep muscle growth with exercises designed specifically for your muscles by your very own fitness professional. This ensures that you consistently experience muscle gain with no interruption in development.

3. Maximize strength gain. Kick-start your body’s ability to exert maximal force with explosive, high intensity workouts. Learn, step by step, how to utilize essential training principles to maximize your strength.

4. Define and tone your midsection. A well defined midsection is the cornerstone to a complete, muscular physique. Participate in the most comprehensive core training program to build a solid foundation of strength and to maximally tone your abs.

5. Sculpt your body and burn the fat. Pack on solid muscularity while shedding unwanted body-fat. These workouts are proven to boost your metabolism so you’ll be burning body-fat all day long.

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